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When you think of summer holidays, the beach comes to mind. Whether a couples’ hangout or a visit alone to the shore, everyone wants to look beautiful. Obviously, if you’ve been moving to and from the beach all summer, you have a clear idea of what to pack and what not – from different bar-worthy combos to the quality of cloth suitable for sand. But, if you are visiting for the first time, or it’s been so long that you aren’t aware of the latest trends, here is a guideline to beach vacation clothes to help you out!

The Must Have Hat

When visiting the beach your hair is bound to get dirty – there’s sand! No need to worry. We’ve got you covered. Literally. The hat has multiple functions: it keeps the sun out of your face (no sunburn!), your hair remains under control, and, most importantly, it is a vacation outfit necessity.

To Bikini or To Monokini?

If you’re headed for the beach, a swimsuit is a necessity. Seems simple, right? Not exactly. The suit you choose should be done with careful consideration of your unique shape. For example, if God has granted you the gift of hips, try a bikini bottom with a higher waist cut. For a bonus - suits with ruched or pleated sides will give the appearance of a contour to accentuate your curves in all the right places! You’ll look and FEEL perfect while you enjoy the beach with bae or cocktails with the BFF’s.

Cover Up (But not too much!)

There are countless of styles of coverups – your choice should depend on the nature of your visit. If you’re visiting the beach, a cover up above the knees is perfect. For beach tours, it’s best to choose a coverup that can be used on and off the sand. We’re talking beach to bar or jeep ride to surf board. What’s even better? If your coverup can perform multiple functions! There are a plethora of new styles appropriate for the beach and worthy of a day dress. You can also transform your look for that night beach party you’ve been counting down the days to; put on a necklace and high heels and you’re ready to go.

Crop Top and Shorties

The crop top and shorts combo is the most appropriate look for casual walks on the beach – not to mention it’s the most comfortable! The boho-chic style of frayed jean shorts and a printed crop keep you on trend. Oh, did someone say volleyball game? We’ve all tried throwing a spike in a mini dress…best to stick with the casual look for activities in the sand. This season we’ve seen a jump from the typical jean shorts to multi-colored and printed. Choose a contrasting outfit with a solid colored top and multi-colored shorts to expand your wardrobe.


Although not for volleyball, dresses are especially required for beach parties, so don’t forget your favorite mini! Off-the-shoulder dresses are famous for common use in the open air with their loose, breezy silhouettes. Planning on hitting up a more formal dinner party? Bring along a dress with sleeves. Remember, nights get windy on the shore! As far as colors go, light hues are preferred during hot summer days! Stay away from the dark winter maroons and blacks!


Fashion towels have become the new necessity. We’re all familiar with the famous round towels (don’t be square, get a roundie!), but have you heard of the new luxurious goods? A fine Turkish towel has become the new luxury. These beauts’ feature long tassels that look perfect against the body when drying after a dip in the ocean.

Shoes on Shoes on Shoes

Shoes are a critical part of your packing list. There are suitable shoes for different outfits and activities, so it is best to choose a pair that can perform multiple functions. For the more sophisticate gal, try out a huarache sandal. They give you the comfort of flip-flops and the charm and beauty of sandals, plus there’s a heel! For the younger, more active gal, try out Tkees flip flips. You won’t be disappointed!

Other Practical Things

Trying to save room? WEAR your accessories; don’t carry them in a bag! Or find a cute beach bag – either or! Ladies, we all know we over-pack. Let’s calm down. It’s not necessary to bring multiple sunglasses; one will suffice as long as it’s charming and protects the eyes. Combine your towel with your blanket to lie on – the roundies fit two people! These are easy to pack and carry as they wrap up into a manageable size.

Consideration of the dresses suggested and the most necessary accessories will make your visit to the beach much more comfortable and enjoyable, since you won’t have to carry a much-weighted wardrobe! With comfort being paramount, the beauty and charm of your trendy outfit will not be compromised.

A big thank you to Frank Lee from Rebates Zone for this guest post!